How Women Perceive Your Shirt Colors


We have discussed shirt patterns extensively before – from ginghams to stripes to checks. In fact, we even made an infographic explaining stripe patterns. It was brought to my attention that besides discussing summer color combinations, we have not touched upon colors as a topic. Hence this post is to describe how certain colors are perceived by women.

Of course, how color is perceived is secondary to whether it is the right color for your skin tone and whether you feel comfortable wearing it. Nonetheless, it is always important to dress for the occasion and color is paramount. We discuss some common colors here.


White is actually all colors combined. It is also the most common for a dress shirt. Often seen to signify purity and cleanliness (as long as it is maintained) – it also portrays simplicity about the wearer. Ideal in any situation – casual or office.


On the other end of all colors is black. Powerful, sophisticated, mysterious, expensive are some adjectives you would put in the minds of women who see you in black. However, overdoing it may make you look menacing and depressed.


Shades of PurpleThis one is another popular color in use. A lavender purple shirt is ideal for a date, as it makes you come across as nostalgic and romantic, though it may be overkill for a first date. A deep purple makes you seem more spiritual and enchanting while a bright purple is often perceived as being creative, witty, sensual and intensely exciting.

Basic RGB Colors


Different Shades of Color RedThis color is probably best worn in casual settings, and when you are looking to impress or sweep someone off their feet. A bright red shirt makes a woman think of you as a passionate, sexy and powerful person who is adventurous and likes the limelight, whereas a slightly deeper red gives off an aura of being more cultivated and refined.

An offshoot of red is the color pink. When wearing a bright pink, you are giving off signals of being sensual, wild and flirtatious whereas a lighter pink is probably more suitable for a date as you tend to come across more as romantic and compassionate.


Shades of Color Green

This color is a lot less attention seeking and probably best for the office, as a dark green shirt wearer is often perceived as reliable and trustworthy and gives off a calm vibe due to its strong link to nature. A bright green makes you look fresh and lively.



Shades of Blue ColorA bright blue shirt makes a woman think of you as someone energetic who is always in high spirits due to its vibrant nature. A deep blue on the other hand is perceived as being more conservative, introspective, strong and authoritative. Blue is a color associated with the ocean and therefore makes you look calm.


Please be mindful that these are just guidelines in terms of how a shirt color can be perceived – you also need a personality, style and confidence to carry off any shirt and make its colors work to your advantage. To round up the article, I also found an amazing infographic created by Starfashion that you can use as a basic sheet to refer to for meaning of colors. Let me know if it was useful!


Drop a comment below to share how you think you are perceived when wearing a particular color!

Meaning of Colors

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