Summer Color Combinations for Men


The modern-day man is moving beyond the neutral summer color landscape in fashion and it is important for them to select the right colors for themselves. Neutral combinations like white, black and gray have their place but can be boring. The problem is that many men are unfamiliar with the science behind color organization. It goes back to a basic understanding of the color wheel – a tool that works as an aid in the pairing of colors.

The Color Wheel - Summer ColorsThe Color Wheel

When you look at the wheel, you see colors grouped in a spectrum that ranges from red to blue. Similar color combinations sit next to one another on the wheel such as red and orange while complementary hues are across the circle. From this, one can establish certain base color combinations following seasonal and fashion rules. For example, don’t pair light colors together often. Instead, anchor them with a dark tint like black or charcoal gray.


Five Tips To Find the Right Summer Color Combinations

It is the summer color pairings that truly make an outfit. Fashion savvy men know there are certain groupings that just make sense. There are no hard and fast rules for summer colors, but for each season, certain pairings trend.
Primary Summer Colors

1) Primary colors

Bright, enthusiastic primary colors are big winners this summer. This includes red, yellow and blue as well as the secondary colors formed from the mix of yellow and blue to create green.


2) Neutrals

Don’t shy away from neutral as a summer color – the nice thing about these combinations being that they are neutral. You can pair a neutral color like flesh and earthy tan with almost any other shade for a smart look this summer. Neutral is always business appropriate too. Save the brown trousers for the wintertime and the black pants for nights on the town during the summer months.

Neutral Color Palette for Summer Colors

Pastel Summer Colors For Men

3) Pastels

Pastels warm things up for summer colors – Soft pastels provide a softer and gentler look for summer, especially in concert with neutral hues. These are smart for both work or play.

Blue Tie with White Shirt Summer Combination

4) Mid-Tones

Crisp things up with mid-tones and white color combinations – mid tones like green and blue ties go well with an anchoring white or taupe business shirt. Stay away from purple, however. It is a cold weather color.

5) Deep, Bright Colors

In the past, deep colors have been reserved for the ladies, but this year men are getting a chance at them too. Shades like aqua and burgundy are fashionable for both genders. Bright yellow shirts, as opposed to mustard, make a sunny summer addition to casual wear.

Deep Brights For Summer

Summer brings distinctive fashion for both men and women. What was once classic in mens fashion is changing. Today, men can jazz up their summer wardrobe by creating proper, seasonal color combinations. Finding the right summer color combinations puts you ahead of the curve whether dressing for the office or a night on the town.


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