5 Check Patterns Common For Dress Shirts


There is no doubt that if you were to open your wardrobe right now, you would probably find at least one dress shirt you own that has a check pattern on it. We put together this guide of 5 common check patterns to ensure that you know the nuances of your check shirts if the topic is ever broached or you are shopping online for new dress shirts.

1. Gingham Check Pattern

Gingham is a check pattern distinguished by even-sized checks formed by horizontal and vertical stripes of two shades of the same color on a white background. Gingham is great for summer shirts, and makes men look brighter and can be worn for almost any occasion.

Blue, Black & Red Gingham Check Pattern Dress Shirts by Hucklebury

2. Houndstooth Pattern

The houndstooth check pattern consists of distorted, pointy-shaped checks that are uneven – in essence, resembling a hound’s tooth. A common dress shirt has this pattern in black and white, which is the most suitable in a work environment. However, it can be found in a variety of colors besides black that are appropriate in more casual settings.

Black and White Houndstooth Check Pattern for Dress Shirts Multi-colored Houndstooth Dress Shirt

3. Windowpane/Graph Check Patterns

The windowpane check pattern, simply put, looks like panes on a window formed by solid, thin, single color stripes that cross each other. The difference between a windowpane check pattern and a graph check pattern is that the stripes are thicker and farther apart in windowpane checks than in graph checks. Both these patterns are great to wear at work, because their single color stripes give the shirts a more formal appearance. Windowpane checks can also be found in more casual, multi-colored stripe dress shirt variants these days.

Blue Windowpane Check Pattern Dress Shirt Red and pink graph check pattern

4. Tattersall Check Pattern

Tattersall check pattern has regularly spaced vertical and horizontal stripes. The uniqueness of this pattern is the repeated alternating colors of the stripes that can be in two, even three, different colors. This shirt is great for a date or to an evening out in town after hours. It can appear too casual for the workplace setting.

Tatersall check pattern dress shirt by Hucklebury

5. Pinchecks

This is a check pattern that has tiny checks that look like dots to the human eye due to pin-sized stripes. The pattern usually consists of a singular color with white and gives the short the appearance of a solid texture. Probably the most formal dress shirt appearance of the lot, this one is great to wear to work. Outside of work too, the pin check pattern gives it that slight bit of casualness needed for a relaxed or after-work setting.

Purple pinchecks Dress Shirt by Hucklebury

So there you have the 5 check patterns commonly found when shopping for dress shirts.

If you have come across other types of check patterns, do let us know in the comments below!

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