5 Style Upgrades For Modern Men


“Any man may be in good spirits and good temper when he’s well dressed” – Charles Dickens

Being the worst dressed person in the room is like your worst nightmare coming true. Once you have that heartbeat-quickening and sweat-inducing realization, a sudden fight or flight hormone kicks in leaving you confused and flabbergasted.

In a situation like this every option can seem painfully embarrassing. You may try to hide in a corner or make your way towards the door without attracting much attention, but they are practically lame attempts.

You are not alone. We all have our moments of weakness. In fact many people have, at least once in their life, got it so desperately wrong while everyone else managed to look good. If you’ve had an unfortunate experience like that, don’t fret, we’re here to help.

We have 5 style upgrade tips for you to smarten up your look in no time.

1st Style Upgrade: Think Slim-Fit

Ever wondered why you look so shabby while the other guy somehow managed to nail the very same look? Here comes the magic of tailored clothes. When you wear clothes that are slim-fitting and tailored to your body shape, it upgrades your overall appearance instantly.

Now, to wear slim-fit you don’t need to be thin or in great shape (though the latter is always preferable). All you need to do is be a little cautious in selecting appropriate sizes as slim-fitting jeans, chinos, tees and shirts look good on several body types. The trick to sport on a slim-fit piece is to go for one or two sizes up as it is more likely to fit you properly. But this won’t work much for buying the right-fit suit.

When it comes to right fit, we always favor tailored garment. Find a good tailor and get your favorite pieces nipped and tucked according to your body shape and style persona. But it is often challenging to find experienced tailors locally. Even if you managed to get one the price is usually too high, making tailoring out of your reach.

The next best option is to find a reputed online tailor. These days there are many online retailers offering custom tailored garments. OwnOnly is one such store, known for their lines of tailor-made business and casual suits for men. You can buy a whole range of formal and casual suits, shirts, blazers and mens accessories, tailor-made to your body shape at reasonable rates.

Wearing right fit clothes flatters your silhouette; baggy clothing, on the other hand makes you look even bigger and draws more attention.

2nd Style Upgrade: Add On A Blazer

Style Upgrade - Add on a Blazer - Art of StyleIf you want to keep a smart, casual look a sharply-cut blazer can be your best friend. Layering your overall attire with a blazer is the definition of smart. Compared to other outerwear options like denim jackets, overshirts, hoodies and bombers, blazers offer a great business casual look. For example, a basic blazer in navy, charcoal or grey coupled with a less formal tie is a perfect choice to step your business casual look up a notch.

Blazers add an incomparable elegance to your attire, irrespective of the time of the day or occasion. Simply try a well-fitting blazer with a pair of slim jeans or chinos and any basic t-shirt and see how you can seamlessly elevate to an entirely new stylish level. Blazers are known for their silhouette-enhancing effect.

Whether you wear it open or just one button done, a blazer is a no brainer to enhance your look, smart or casual.

3rd Style Upgrade: Improve Your Color Scheme

A white or blue dress shirt with a pair of khaki trousers is the safest bet for the corporate folks. But it’s a death-trap for a style-conscious man. A little detour from your usual color and pattern can help you achieve a whole new look in no time.

Ditch your white and various shades of blue dress shirts for pastel colors like tan, yellow, lavender, pink or ecru. These lighter shades can be matched with a wide range of trousers, blazers, jackets and ties to set you apart in a crowd instantly. To experiment with your business casual look, wear a patterned or striped-shirt instead of your solid single-color shirt.

But don’t stop here. A deeper brown trouser or one in the shades of olive or summer white cotton can be a great alternative to your standard light khakis. For a dressier look, sport on a charcoal gray wool. Flannel is a good option for winter whereas you can opt for lightweight wool during the warm, summer months. Find out the right colors for your skin tone.

If you are a little adventurous, try patterned trousers with a solid white or blue shirt for an eye-catching look.

4th Style Upgrade: A Scarf On It

Nothing can complement your look like a scarf does. It is probably the easiest way to add flair to your look and obviously the best way to add bold, new colors and patterns to your regular ensembles. For centuries it was worn by women to make a style statement. But things have changed and now men are adorning scarves to project personal style.

Johnny Depp Scarf - Style Upgrade - Art of Style

Wear it the way you like, a “scarf is a sartorial flourish” if you want to make a bold style statement. Ranging from more expensive cashmere and silk materials to budget-friendly polyester and cotton scarves, this item can accentuate stylish clothes. You can even pair them with formal outfits like a suit in lieu of neckties and manage to look devilishly stylish.

5th Style Upgrade: Personal Accessories

Invest in a few quality accessories. From leather bluchers to cuff links, choices are numerous. Some of your must-have collections to accent your look in no time may include a pair of high-end sunglasses, a vintage watch, silk pocket squares, and monogrammed cuff links.

These items can pull up your look nicely; get you noticed for the right reasons and make lasting statements.


When it comes to upgrading your style, say no to cheap looking clothes. Understand that there is a difference between cheap looking garments and inexpensive clothing; the former involves poor quality fabrics which are uncomfortable and function badly. But fewer but buy the best quality your pocket allows you, and then spend some more.


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