Looking Good – 10 Quick Styling Tips


Before we dive into looking good, let’s start with a quote from Mark Twain:

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

Mark Twain, looking good in his suit, said that "Clothes make the man."Whether you want it or not, clothing is important. It complements and is a form of expression of yourself. So pay attention to it. Here are some quick styling tips to looking good.

1. Be an anti-fashionista

If you want to look stylish, do not think that you have to go through life as a mannequin or a living billboard for the big fashion houses. The logomania is long gone and a too-studied appearance radiates uncertainty instead of self-confidence. Dress with taste, but as if you just got something out of the closet in the morning that happens to be well put together.

2. Develop your own style

Experimenting is the most interesting part of fashion and your style will undoubtedly change over time. Always give your personal interpretation to it. Do not follow trends blindly. Be inspired by them and take those things that come in handy. In short, be open to change but be true to yourself.

3. Perfect fit complements looking good

Whatever you wear, make sure it fits perfectly. Your clothes must contour your body, and not cover it. Do not invest in shirts that are too tight or tops that squeeze you when you sit down.

A perfect fit to keep you looking good.

Check what suits your body type and whether you can move well in a pants or jacket. A perfect fit should allow you optimal freedom of movement; otherwise you’ll come across as stiff if you’re uncomfortable. A perfect fit will definitely leave you looking good.

4. Good quality

Pay attention to the quality of the clothing. It does not always have to be cashmere, but if you choose wool, go for good quality. Also look at the good finishing touch. Also, for less money, you sometimes find very nicely finished suits or jackets but you have to expend some effort in searching for the deal.

5. Take someone to shop

The store staff – especially in the better clothing stores – will gladly help you with your choice but often it can be useful to have a ‘neutral’ person who is honest in his or her opinion on when you’re looking good. Especially for larger purchases such as a tailored suit, unless you’ve already discovered your style, bring someone along for a second opinion.

6. Accessories. Less is more

Men wear more and more accessories nowadays. Watches, necklaces, cufflinks, rings even earrings are also in trend. Well-chosen phone covers and tablet covers (perhaps in beautiful leather) are now part of casual outfits. Choose your accessories with care but do not over-do it. When it comes to accessories, less is actually more stylish! With a single well-chosen accessory you can make more of an impression than when being over-adorned with five accessories.

7. Dress up for the occasion

Always dress to the occasion and adjust your outfit accordingly. Do not just ask yourself what activity you’re partaking in the next day but also who you will meet. Being underdressed is usually better than being overdressed. If you feel that you are heavily underdressed, trust in your style. People sometimes feel uncomfortable in the company of someone who is slightly underdressed as it makes them feel that they have overdressed, so take advantage of that. We’re not advocating being underdressed though. We only give you some ‘ammunition’ in case you happen to be. (;

8. Color

For men, we have seen more and more color in recent years. We have had bright colors and are now in a phase of green, brick red and royal blue, besides all standard men’s colors. Don’t be afraid to occasionally go back to the basics with color in your outfit with blue, gray, black and white.

9. Care of clothing

One of the biggest secrets of looking good is good care. Not only caring for your hair and skin (grooming) but also of your clothing itself. Do not wear clothing with stains or holes; always make sure everything is clean and neatly ironed. It takes time, but it is worth it.

10. Shoes

Last but not least: your shoes. Go for quality shoes and keep them in good condition. Now is the time to check if you have shoe poles! Keep sneakers and sport shoes nice and tidy. They do not have to look like new, but almost!


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Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson started working as a womenswear stylist. After graduation I started one of the first style blog CalibreApparel.com

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