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So, New Year, new you has well and truly gone. In fact, it’s almost time for another pointless resolution to be made. Forget it, more than likely you won’t do it. Instead make the changes right here and right now. If you want to be fitter, then make the commitment today and join the gym, whether you’re a gym newbie or not!

It’s not as daunting as you think, in fact, once you incorporate it into your routine it can simply be another part of your everyday life. If you’re a complete gym newbie, then fear not. Here are the basics to get you on track and get your gym efforts off to a rip-roaring start!

Essential Gym Newbie Kit

Wearing clothes is a great start to going to the gym. Wearing the right gym clothes even better, so concentrate on that. Get yourself a couple of track pants, a good pair of trainers that preferably spring back under high impact or something similar to suit your exercise routine. Breathable clothes and good ankle support are gym essentials, so invest!

Outside of clothing, there are a few other key things you will need to take. Here’s a checklist of essentials:

  • Lock – most gyms make you pay for the privilege of locking up your valuable. Investing in a lock can save you money in the long run, especially if you plan to be at the gym a lot.
  • Towel – no one wants to go on a machine after you and sit in your pool of sweat. Sorry to be blunt, but it’s true. Take a towel and do the next person to come along a favour, wipe down!
  • Water bottle – hydration is no joke. Buy a water bottle and use it frequently during exercise.
  • Music – the sound of people exercising isn’t pleasant. Take along your favourite music and drown out the grunts of exertion, you’ll thank me for it later.

Where to Start At the Gym

Cardio, aerobics, free weights, nautilus machines… It can all be a bit confusing at first. Your best bet is to work on the equipment that you know, on the lowest settings. It may not be manly, but going for the most complicated machinery on the highest settings on day one is never advisable.

The more comfortable you get with the equipment, the more you can do with every gym visit. Learn what is best for you and your goals – using the power of the internet – and work your way up. Slow and steady wins the fitness race. But, if you’re particularly determined then hiring a personal fitness coach is always an option (if your budget allows for it) or attending specific classes.

Gym Etiquette

For the gym newbie, it may be a surprise that there are some unspoken gym rules. But break them and you will find out pretty quickly, which sounds intimidating but isn’t! Instead of being politely being informed of gym rules after breaking them, read this handy list:

  • Don’t know, don’t do – is a piece of equipment new to you? Ask a member of staff how to use it prior to breaking it or yourself.
  • Ask to use a machine – if someone seems done with a machine, but is still in the vicinity don’t just assume. They could be cooling down before hopping back on. Make sure you’re always polite and don’t bully your way onto equipment accidentally.
  • Re-rack weights – it is so frustrating to come to the weights only to find an unholy mess. It’s polite to put back equipment the way you found it, so ensure you do just that!
  • Towel down – again, but only because it’s important, clean equipment after use!

Staying Motivated

Still feel that your motivation to actually go to the gym will be lacking? Well, good on you for being honest with yourself. In that case, recruit yourself a steadfast gym buddy. Someone you know will force you onto that treadmill come rain or shine. And if Steve is the reason you’re ripped by this time in 2018? Well buy him a pint, it’s only right.


And there you have it! All you need to know for any gym newbie to prepare for your new life as a fitness fanatic (or at the very least, slightly fitter than before).


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