Relationship Troubles? 6 Ways To Make Your Marriage Work


Whether you’ve been married for half a year or half a decade, every relationship has its own set of problems. From getting the relationship to work to making everything go smoothly between you and your partner, there are relationship troubles that every couple faces. The initial years of the relationship are all about exploring each other and finding ways to maintain the spark. Eventually though, responsibilities settle in. If you’re not careful, things can take a turn for the worse here.

You are the one who needs to steer your relationship back on track and reignite the spark. Don’t ever let things slip to a point where you need to win your wife or ex-gf back. Let’s explore ways to ensure your marriage works and keep potential relationship troubles at bay.

1. Prioritize Your Relationship

Just saying “I do” at the altar does no good to your relationship if you don’t abide by the promises you made. Your partner and your relationship should be your priority. You need to constantly remind yourself of it – especially during rough patches. There are certain rituals which you can practice every day. Kissing each other before heading to work or having a short conversation before you kiss each other goodnight, for example. The point is to ensure your partner knows that she is your priority no matter what happens. This will allow your relationship to bloom in the long run.

2. Be Understanding To Avoid Relationship Troubles

After many years together, couples start picking faults in one other, which spells the start of their relationship troubles. You have to understand that everyone has imperfections. Both of you commit mistakes and have faults, not just one or the other. When you understand this, you start to appreciate the good that your partner does rather than being picky about her wrongs. In fact, some couples even celebrate each others’ imperfections.

3. Always Ask – Will It Be Good For Our Relationship?

Marriage is all about making decisions and implementing those that will be fruitful for both of you. Sometimes, you have situations where you’re tempted and in a dilemma (and trust me there’ll be many). All you need to do is to close your eyes, think about the pros & cons and finally ask yourself whether it will be good for your relationship or not. You must always think about the long term impact of your decisions and whether it’ll benefit your relationship or lead to relationship troubles.

4. Appreciate Each Other

When you appreciate what the other person is doing for you, it does no harm to your relationship. When my wife cooks dinner every evening, I make sure to appreciate her efforts. Not just for maintaining the home but also for working so hard outside as an independent, working individual. This leads to more joy in the mundane tasks and reciprocity where she appreciates my roles as well. This appreciation process can really help grow a relationship to a different level.

5. Give Gifts To Each Other

When you are in love with someone and are trying to take it to the next level, you must be more than just words. Small gestures of love like exchanging thank you cards and buying tiny gifts for each other would bring additional happiness. It would be your words put into action to show your appreciation. There’s no need to be fancy with your gifts either! A simple bouquet, or a pendant for your wife would be just as welcome. Sometimes, all they want is to know you’ve been thinking of them. In the same vein, bringing your wife out on a date doesn’t have to be expensive.

6. Be Communicative About Your Feelings

Many men don’t talk about how they feel, and end up in a repressed life feeling suffocated.  Talking about how you feel with your better half lets them learn your signals and know you intimately. Be vocal about your feelings without going overboard, as that may also result in relationship issues. Be honest and share your thoughts and feelings from time to time with your other half.


While simple, these 6 tips can help to make your marriage work, even for the rest of your lives.


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