4 Best Tips to Stay Cool & Look Sharp this Season


Summer means fun. Summer also means hot, sweaty weather. You look sharp in fall, winter, spring and then summer comes along to make you resemble a melting candle.

You can beat the heat in style though! Use this combination of fashion, grooming and healthy living advice to keep cool and look hot without sweating it.


True fashion means developing your own style to stand out, not wearing what everyone else does. Ignore the demands that you wear polos and boat shoes. Why look like every other guy when you can stand out as a style icon?

Nick Diaz - MMA/UFC Fighter - Fashionable in BlackYear around prize-fighter and triathlete Nick Diaz wears black. His signature t-shirt line comes in black. He’s the Johnny Cash of our generation, style-wise. Whether it’s shoes, shirts, pants, or a leather jacket, Diaz wears it in black – and he stands out for it. It’s memorable.

That also doesn’t mean you should start rocking all black. That’s his thing. You need to find your thing! Perhaps that means a signature color based on your skin tone or hat or shirt style. Make it yours.

While beating the heat this summer, think in terms of breathable fabrics. Look for all cotton items for athletic wear and the weekend. Linen also makes a great hot weather fabric choice. Suits and casual wear in linen look sharp. Don’t fear short sleeved dress shirts. They can look great in the office and provide you a subtle way to show off your bicep definition – and ab cuts – if you choose the right fit.


Summer months require additional work with respect to grooming. Forget the man buns of past seasons. A short haircut helps you stay cool. It looks it, too. Less is more. Talk to your barber about your schedule and activities. That helps them determine a cut for you that can go from the shower at the gym to dinner out with only a dab of hair gel.

Shave every day! Ditch the beard, if you have one, unless you’re aiming for one of these epic beards. You will instantly feel the heat less and smell better. Seriously, sweat and bacteria collect in a beard! It is recommended to use a straight razor to maintain a clean shave even if you will have to be more careful and precise in order to avoid deep cuts. Not only will you seem manlier to anyone entering your bathroom, your face will thank you! A daily shave is one of the reasons men age more slowly than women in the face. The daily shave acts as an exfoliating treatment. Women now pay big bucks in salons for “dermaplaning,” a razor exfoliating treatment that mocks what guys get in their everyday shave.

Before and After A Daily Shave - Art of Style

While we’re on the topic of body odor, re-examine your choice of antiperspirant. You use deodorant? Switch. Choose an antiperspirant designed for heavy sweat and high heat. You’ll smell better and make your clothes look better and last longer because antiperspirant keeps sweat stains from developing on the fabric.

Keep yourself looking young by wearing sunscreen daily. Look for a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 20. You also protect yourself from skin cancer.

Finally, wear sunglasses! You’ll protect your eye sight and your under-eye area from wrinkling.


The heat does not absolve you from exercise. A lot of celebrities over 40 agree that working out daily keeps you looking good as you age. Actors Hugh Jackman and Patrick Dempsey – both in their 40s – use strength and cardio workouts to keep looking better than guys half their age.

Strength and Cardio Workout Indoors Gym - Art of Style ClubSummer’s heat means you find an indoor alternative or switch your workout to a cooler time of day. Love to run? Try a treadmill inside the gym or switch your run to early morning before work or after sunset. If you regularly swim outdoors, do laps at an indoor pool instead.

Changing your routine to a different time of day or location provides the added benefit of meeting new people with mutual interests. Try something new. Jackman swears by his boxing workout. It provides cardio and toning, plus you’re better prepared to handle yourself in a tough situation.

4.Healthy Eating

Summer provides a great opportunity to try new foods, especially new fruits. Look in the produce section for seasonal fruits.

Vegetables taste just as great raw as cooked, so enjoy salads! This doesn’t mean you have to stick to iceberg lettuce and tomatoes. Experiment. Try Mediterranean salads. Tabouli makes a filling snack. Broccoli leaves make a tasty alternative to lettuce and add variety to your diet.

With the new trend in salad restaurant chains, you can even work healthier eating into going out or grabbing a quick bite on the go. Serve a platter of fresh, crunchy raw vegetables as the hors d’oeuvres at your next BBQ.


It turns out that with the right strategy, summer gives you the opportunity to look sharp, too! You can take your updated, signature style into fall and every other season. Fabrics should change from season to season, but true style remains timeless.

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