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To be the son of LVMH’s Bernard Arnault comes with a lot of pressure. However, Antoine Arnault lives up to the expectations with ease.

Antoine Arnault in Businessweek - Art of StyleLike his father, Antoine Arnault is earning a reputation as a legitimate businessman with his own modern strategies for running an enterprise. He is currently the CEO of Berluti, a luxury menswear company, as well as Chairman of Loro Piana, the Italian house known for its super-luxe cashmere and wool. The 36-year-old businessman is the first to open the doors of LVMH’s ateliers by launching Les Journées Particulières, an opportunity for the public to witness the company’s well-guarded craftsmanship.

We are featuring Antoine Arnault as a style icon because of his contribution in the fashion industry, mainly his fresh approach in running long-standing luxury labels, which are typically reserved for the snobbish elite. Here’s a young businessman who wants to share luxury, refinement and exquisite quality with anyone who wants it. In contrast to his brand’s elitist prices, he practices an egalitarian approach towards clients entering his stores, firing any staff who discriminates or disrespects anyone.

It is also interesting to note that minus the family name, Antoine is a Parisian, who by virtue of birth, exudes a top-notch manner of dressing. You will never see the French businessman leave the house in mediocre clothes, truly an embodiment of Parisian sophisticated dressing, which we can learn a thing or two from.

The Antoine Arnault Style

Being an heir to the £60 billion luxury and fashion empire and having a head start in fashion education from the age of 12, it is difficult to question Antoine’s credibility on style, quality and taste.

Antoine Arnault with Supermodel Partner Natalia Vodianova - Art of StyleJust like the attention he administers to his brands, his manner of dressing is linked to meticulous details. Antoine Arnault goes for a mix of the classic and contemporary consisting of fine quality material, workmanship, just the right fit and a little special detail. He normally wears an ensemble of blazer and slacks or suit of dark classic color, mostly black over a white open-collared shirt. If it’s a colder season, he matches his suit with a black turtleneck.

Wherever he goes, cameras always spot Antoine Arnault in smart sophisticated attire. Even when watching football games with his supermodel partner Natalia Vodianova, he pairs his jeans and basic t-shirt with sports jacket or blazer and leather dress shoes.

In accessorizing, the businessman wears fine silk scarves of black or solid contrasting colors. For shoes, leather is the staple adorning his feet- either derby, loafers or Oxfords, which we presume are Berluti. Antoine is always spotted free from neck wear, but when the occasion calls for it, he’s usually seen with a skinny tie or a bow tie when it’s tuxedo time.

Despite his entire life being integrated in sparkle, the Frenchman has this to say about bling: “We are going to enter an era in which logo and ostentation is going to be less successful.” True to his words, you can see him in the streets, sans logo on his clothing or bling-y display of affluence plastered on his accessories. You’d have to poke at his fine-quality clothes closely to see the brand etiquette, which are obviously mostly from Berluti.

Antoine’s style may seem all too personal but it is really how he perceives Berluti’s men. It may seem like a little game of fashion for us, but really, for the hardworking businessman who was raised with the importance of work and attitude to people, for his company’s ethos to be credible, he has to be it.

Dress Like Antoine Arnault

In dressing like Antoine Arnault, keep in mind that if it’s not Berluti, it’s still okay. You don’t have to spend more than $1,000 to wear that professional look. Like Arnault’s staples, we recommend stocking on key pieces of suits in classic colors but modern cut, blazer or sports jacket and white shirts. A relaxed-fit jeans would also come in handy on your casuals, mix and matching them with your classic shirts.

Take it from the CEO of style, it also pays to have some basic scarves of solid colors, skinny ties, a timeless watch and men leather shoe must-haves of either derby, Oxfords or loafers.

The Runway Casual Look

The Berluti CEO at the Fendi runway show in Milan. He dons a layered look of tailored navy blue suit over a crew neck sweater and white shirt. Leather slip-ons and classic watch as accessories to his refined look. We can recreate this look with a Mikhael Kors suit, shirt from Nordstorm and a sweater from Theory. For the accessories, we recommend a Kenneth Cole Reaction leather loafers and Skagen watch.
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Michael Kors 2B SV FF SOLID TRIM FIT SUIT Nordstrom Wrinkle Free Traditional Fit Pinpoint Dress Shirt Theory V-Neck Cotton & Cashmere Sweater Kenneth Cole Reaction 'Hall of Fame' Leather Loafer Skagen Men's Bracelet Watch, 38mm
  1. Michael Kors 2B SV FF SOLID TRIM FIT SUIT – USD499.00
  2. Nordstrom Smartcare™ Wrinkle Free Traditional Fit Pinpoint Dress Shirt – USD49.50
  3. Theory V-Neck Cotton & Cashmere Sweater – USD195.00
  4. Skagen Men’s Bracelet Watch, 38mm – USD90.00
  5. Kenneth Cole Reaction ‘Hall of Fame’ Leather Loafer – USD118.00

The Smart Casual Dress Down Look

It’s rare to see Antoine Arnault in dress down but when he does, it’s still smart-looking. A navy open-collar shirt under a gray jacket with his relaxed-fit blue jeans. Brown leather loafers for a subtle contrast to his casuals. Get similar look with a Calibrate shirt, Nau wool jacket, relaxed-fit jeans from AG and leather loafers from Boss Hugo Boss.

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Calibrate Trim Fit Dress Shirt Nau 'Treble' Wool Jacket AG Jeans 'Hero' Relaxed Jeans BOSS HUGO BOSS 'Metero' Loafer
  1. Calibrate Trim Fit Dress Shirt – USD59.50
  2. Nau ‘Treble’ Wool Jacket – USD450.00
  3. AG Jeans ‘Hero’ Relaxed Jeans – USD185.00
  4. BOSS HUGO BOSS ‘Metero’ Loafer – USD138.03

The Preppy Casual Golf Look

Arnault is looking very LVMH while playing golf with his girlfriend in a preppy look of black polo shirt, navy shorts, golf shoes and gloves. Copy the look with our recommended ensemble of Fred Perry polo shirt, shorts from Nike and golf shoes by Allen Edmonds.

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Fred Perry Trim Fit Twin Tipped Polo Nike Golf Flat Front Shorts Allen Edmonds 'Redan' Golf Shoe
  1. Fred Perry Trim Fit Twin Tipped Polo – USD90.00
  2. Nike Golf Flat Front Shorts – USD65.00
  3. Allen Edmonds ‘Redan’ Golf Shoe – USD250.00


Now you know how to dress like the man leading the luxury fashion business – go make them yours!



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