Fitting Clothes – Why Is It Important?


It is well-drilled into everyone these days that you should wear fitting clothes. We have even covered the topic a couple of times – from discussing how to get properly fitted for a dress shirt to a discussion on the right fit and style for your body type. The science and subtle arts of fit are sufficient for men of action, who are convinced of wearing fitting clothes. How about the rest of the guys out there though? Why SHOULD you wear fitting clothes? And what is meant by the term “fitting”?

What “Fitting” Means

To keep things simple, we’ll generalize into 3 broad categories-

Extremely Loose Fitting ClothesLoose Fitting

This is when all you see are a pile of clothes walking on their own and you need to send out a search party to find the person within. Ok, that’s extreme – but essentially, we’re talking about A LOT of unnecessary room in your clothes, like a billowy shirt and oversized pants.



Extreme Tight Fitting ClothesTight Fitting

You can envision being able to see every rise and fall of a person’s breath because he is literally trying to get himself a second skin. You may also notice he may have trouble bending over or is one flex away from ripping his shirt.



Great Fitting ClothesGreat Fitting

This is where the clothes conform to your shape with just the right amount of room to let you breathe, while glossing over the unshapely parts if required without adding bulk to your frame.



Why “Fitting Clothes” is Important?

From an external perspective, what your wear affects what people think of you. Impressions are formed in the first few moments of meeting someone – and it isn’t your wits or charm that creates the first impression but your appearance. What you wear is a big part of it.

If you see a man wearing tight fitting clothes on the street, chances are you peg him immediately as ‘gay’ or a self-involved metrosexual. If you see someone wearing baggy or loose clothes, you think of them as sloppy and not someone you would trust to get things done (if they’re at the office). You also tend to attract people based on your dressing style. If you want the right woman to find you attractive, for example, being sloppy or too self-absorbed definitely isn’t the way to go! Take a look at the image below of the same person in different fitting clothes. See the difference? (image courtesy of RestartYourStyle)

great fitting clothes vs loose fitting clothes

From a personal perspective, what you wear affects how you present yourself and how you feel about yourself. You tend to act more ‘relaxed’, exhibiting a poor posture, when you wear baggy clothes since the bagginess tends to hide your form. This translates into your confidence level, making people think of you as less confident and over time, your confidence will get affected by this.

This in itself is a great reason to ensure that you wear properly fitted clothes. Fitting clothes does not mean suffocating in a slim fit if you are oversized. It simply means wearing what works for you that allows you to breathe without you getting lost in what you wear.


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Dhawal Shah

Through Art of Style Club, Dhawal Shah is educating himself on lifestyle matters affecting everyday men and bringing a fresh perspective to answer their questions. He is also the co-founder of 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency, and an expert on web development, SEO, SEM, Marketing Automation & Social Media.

  • David

    Love the concept, design of the campaign (and the infographics!), and the focus on quality and fit. The copy had me rolling until I read the line:

    “If you see a man wearing tight fitting clothes on the street, chances are you peg him immediately as ‘gay’ or a self-involved metrosexual.”

    Excuse me, but that’s a pretty messed up line to: A. Write in the first place, and B. Market to guys who want to continue or start buying fitted shirts, because (surprise!) a lot of them are going to be gay. What do the quotes signify? That you have nothing against gay men but are using ‘gay’ as an adjective to mean ‘stupid’ ‘foolish’, or any other negative connotation? That argument, while wholly insensitive, also doesn’t add up because calling men who wear tight clothes gay usually refers to an assumption that they are actually homosexual because the assumption is that tight clothes are what gay men wear.

    Don’t tell me or anyone what our “chances are” of pegging anyone based on what they wear.

    The baggy clothes example and description is a lot better.



    • Hey David,

      My sincerest apologies about the offense I may have caused. I wrote it, despite my misgivings, because it is a comment I have heard used a number of times in the situation. You are absolutely right about the presumptions it makes – which are wrong.

      I am glad you enjoyed other articles and infographics on the blog and I hope you continue providing your frank opinions on our articles – truly appreciate it.


  • Robert Blake

    Hi Dhawal
    Love the fact that there is someone out there presenting the facts on what’s right/ not right or just stupid about dress sense. Firstly, the two gents in suits, baggy and close fitting. Baggy is a no no, however, nowdays I see guys ( straight or gay) wearing close fitting suits with the jacket being too tight across the front, as in you picture – my opinion, and the sleeves and length of the acket is a tad too short. It looks like something coming out the wash a size smaller.
    Now I know that French cuff shirts must show off the cuff link belw the sleeve, but please guys, wear a well fitted jacket with enough arm room and at least be able to cross your arms, touch shoulders. If it feels like a looney house jacket it’s to short. Sensibility!
    Oh, and as for the rip can winkle pointed shoes with stove pipe suit trousers,,,,,,I won’t even go there. Tats not office wear!

    • Hey Robert,
      Thanks for the feedback. You are right about the front of the jacket seeming too tight across the front on this particular photo. Personally, I think the sleeve and jacket lengths are spot on though. Even if wearing a barrel cuff dress shirt, you should still show some part of the cuff under the jacket. Completely agree on being able to cross your arms and touch shoulders. The aim is to not only look good, but also be COMFORTABLE in what you are wearing, so great point there! And yes, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in the office dressed like that, but as a point of reference for this article, I’d say it did its job! (;

  • Virux

    Baggy can be done properly. It gives a more intimidating and powerful appearance. The baggy suit example here is over the edge, the pant legs can be reverse rolled to fix the sloppy look and the top needs to be sized down a bit or preferably just the sleeves. He doesn’t have the build for a baggy look in the first place which is why it looks out of place here.

    • Hey Virux,
      I agree that baggy gives a more intimidating and powerful appearance – which is why it is the prevalent dress sense amongst rappers and gangsters, who are gunning for that persona. However, on most occasions – especially at work or at a business event – it also makes you look sloppy and lacking in confidence, when you take away the intimidation factor.

    • It can give the appearance of extra bulk much like animals which make their hair or feathers stand up when in conflict.

  • EricPost

    Sorry but baggy clothes have been “in style” since the early 90s. You may look worse, but that’s the style. So are pants worn way down below the belt, that is what is in style. It looks dumb but that is what is in style.

    If you want to dress form fitting fine, but you won’t be in style.

    • CLW

      There is a difference between being “in style” and being “classic.” Classic works always… called “styles” come and go (most need to go).

  • andi

    Love this article. I do organizing and wardrobe consulting and found you looking up some new trends.

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