The Right Fit And Style Of Shirt For Your Body Type


Ever heard the phrase “All men are created equal”? It certainly does not apply when it comes to body types and being able to pull off that particular style of shirt you saw in the store. In this post, we will discuss 4 generic body types that encompasses the majority of the male population and selecting the right fit and style of shirt for each category.

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The Short Guy

If you happen to be short, don’t fret. You should be finding yourself shirts with vertical stripes that give the visual impact of lengthening the body. Also be sure to choose your accessories wisely – go for slimmer ties to not overwhelm your frame and keep the attention on your face rather than stature.

The Tall Guy

The tall guy sticks out in any company, which makes it doubly important to look your best. When purchasing shirts as a tall guy, go for slim fits that fit your shoulders perfect and are good length-wise and don’t billow. Do not EVER wear vertical stripes. It is important to break up your height through the use of visual elements like a belt or a hat and also using different colors in your outfit, especially top and bottom.

The Slim Guy

If you happen to be slim but tall, go for bold horizontal stripes – as they will make your shoulders and chest look broader. Avoid a skinny tie if wearing one, and use a striped pattern as another visual element to break up your height.

A shorter guy with a slim frame should consider checks and horizontally striped shirts to look bulkier and add visual width. However, be sure to avoid big prints, as they tend to overwhelm. Stick to small prints and checks.

Multi Color Orchard Check

Thomas Purple Stripes

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The Large Guy

This refers mainly to men with a round physique and large stomachs. When it comes to purchasing shirts for this category, many mistakenly go for over sized shirts to hide the physique. However, this serves to make you look even larger. In essence, the large guy should purchase shirts that contour the body without hugging it too tight. For a slimming effect, purchase pinstripe shirts, vertically striped shirts that also elongate your silhouette and shirts that are darker in color. Stay away from bold colors, horizontal or diagonal stripes, plaids and checks.

Key Takeaway about picking the right shirt for your body type

  • Short Guy: Shirts with vertical stripes to visually elongate the body.
  • Tall Guy: Slim fit shirts. Use accessories like a belt to break up your height.
  • Slim & Tall Guy: Bold Horizontal Stripes.
  • Slim & Short Guy: Small prints and checks.
  • Large Guy: Contoured shirts in darker colors in solid, pinstriped or vertically striped pattern.


Be sure to pick the right shirt for your body type the next time you go shopping!


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