3 Tips To Impress A Woman On The First Date


The world of dating can be a terrifying one, with first dates being the most intimidating of all.

Even asking a beautiful woman on a date can seem like an impossible task, until you actually go ahead and do it, and she accepts. In your naivety, you may think that you’ve overcome the greatest obstacle at the point, but only later do you realize that the story has just begun.

I bet most guys have their stomachs in knots as they prepare themselves for unexpected situations before the first date. The nervousness, endless wait for the call, possibilities of awkward silences, and the prospects of progressing to a second date- it’s all so nerve-wracking; especially when you really want that second date.

Some men have no trouble asking women out and showing them a great time on dates. For most, however, first dates are akin to job interviews, which need them to leave behind an unforgettable first impression to be able to make it to the next round.

Finally landed yourself a date with that gorgeous girl but feeling anxious (yet eager) as hell? We’re here to help. Read on for a few tips on impressing a woman on the very first date.

First Date Tip 1: Get Your Grooming Right

Get Your Grooming Right - Impress on First Date - Art of StyleFirst thing’s first, you need to groom yourself right and get comfortable in your own skin before you can hope to razzle and dazzle others. Women love confident men and to ooze that self-confidence, you need to be sure that no stone has been left unturned in your effort to impress on the first date.

It is, therefore, important to consider your grooming before we get to the dressing part. Start by standing in front of the mirror and taking a long, hard look at yourself. Observe your hair, skin, nails and teeth, and you’ll probably notice there is room for improvement in these areas.

It makes sense to hop into the shower and take a nice warm bath with a high-quality body wash. Not only will it wash the dirt and grime away, it will also soothe your nerves and make you feel better about the impending first date.

Get rid of unwanted facial hair. Whether you trim or shave is a personal choice. Just make sure your face looks clean and neat. Unkempt, rough facial hair is a huge turnoff.

Take care of your hair. Shampoo and condition (yes, men do that) it with products meant for your hair type for a clean, smooth and shiny mane. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo, if required. Most women cannot resist a man with well-maintained hair.

Wear good cologne. A man who smells great is sure to impress any woman. Make sure not to bathe in it, though. That will just force her to sit away from you throughout your first date, and ultimately drive her away.

Clean and cut your fingernails if they’re long and/or dirty. You’re probably going to use your hands a lot to express yourself when conversing with your date. So make sure that they look good.

Make sure your mouth is clean and your teeth are in good shape. Brush and floss once before heading to the date. Keep a good mouth freshener handy, just in case it is required.

First Date Tip 2: Dress Well

Dress well - Impress Woman on First Date - Art of StyleMost first dates are expected to have a casual tone to them. So you may want to dress accordingly. Going casual, however, does not mean that you take your attire for granted and turn up looking shoddy. Do dress for comfort, but plan carefully.

Consider wearing a crisp chambray shirt that fits you well. Choose something in a solid color and team it with a pair of khakis. Another great option is to go with a polo shirt. You could wear a personalized polo shirt with a good fit with a smart pair of jeans. Both these looks scream casual, yet contemporary and well-thought-out.

Looking to glam up your look a tad? Throw on a blazer over your chambray and you’re sure to hit home run with it on any first date. The fit of the blazer matters to a great extent, though. Leave it out if it’s loose or tight. Remember, your clothes should gently embrace you, not suffocate you or make you look like a bag.

If you’re going to spend your very first date at an upscale restaurant, you’ll need to dress fancier. A suit can come to your rescue. Don a navy suit for a look that says suave and put-together. Again, the getting the fit right is absolutely essential to look dapper. Skip the tie, if you want to.

We all know how much women love shoes. So they’re bound to notice it on others too, especially their date. Now you know you need to be careful there. Avoid wearing sneakers and go for a chic pair of casual leather shoes instead.

Make sure your belt matches your shoes. Perfection lies in the details and women do love a perfect man!

If you happen to have a great-looking watch, wear it. It will lend you a sophisticated and an erudite look.

First Date Tip 3: Mind Your Manners

Be Well mannered - Impress Woman on First Date Tip - Art of StyleOnce you’ve acted upon the steps above, rest assured that she will notice that you’ve put in an effort with your appearance. It’s time to sweep her off her feet with your manners with the following pointers –

Be chivalrous

Open doors for her. Whether it is the door of her cab/car or the restaurant, just do this. Know that it has been noticed and appreciated by her.

Compliment Her

And I mean genuine compliments. They should be spontaneous and not contrived in any way. Do not get carried away with them, though as that can be a potential red flag.

Be Considerate

After you walk into the restaurant, offer to take her coat and help her put it back on at the time of exiting it. If it starts to rain, and you don’t have an umbrella, volunteer your own coat as a rain shield.

Switch Off That Phone

Taking/making incessant calls and texting while on a date is considered outright rude. Either put it on silent or turn it off.

Show Interest

This one, again, needs to be genuine. Women love to talk, so give her ample opportunities to tell you all about herself. Do not get drunk, interrupt her sentences midway, or crack jokes about what she says, and how she thinks or feels.

Get the Bill

That’s right. Even if your date insists on paying, refuse and suggest that she pays for the post-dinner drinks instead. Not just for the first date – even the second date.


You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to dress to the nines, or pretend to be someone you’re not, to be impressive. Simplicity and genuineness can be your best friends as far as being relatable and endearing is concerned, and that’s what you want to be. Other than that, the above tips should help you sail smoothly through the first date and come out with flying colors.


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