Budget First Date: 6 Tips to Get It Right!


Going on a first date with a girl you really like can be exciting and nerve racking at the same time. And if you’re on a tight budget, you might be more worried than happy!

But unless you’re dating a gold digger, you won’t need a lot of money to impress her. You can have a great budget first date without spending a fortune! You just need to be creative and think your plans through.

And don’t worry; if you do it right, your date won’t know that you’re being frugal. What’s more, she’ll definitely be impressed if you do something different than the others!

If you don’t know how to go about this, here are some ideas you could use to plan your budget first date.

Eating Out Can Be Inexpensive

If you must make an impression by taking her out for dinner, make it lunch! Lunch is always cheaper than dinner at most places so you’ll get to treat your date to a fancy meal without her realizing that you’re cutting costs.

Do keep in mind that lunches or dinners are cheaper on weekdays than on weekends. So forget about a Saturday date and ask her out on a weekday!

Further, consider dining at places that offer happy hour deals and discounts. Also check out websites for food coupons or freebies. Research all you can well in advance so you can decide what fits your budget.

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Dining In Can Be Fun For A Budget First Date

If you can only afford a date at a fast food joint, it’s okay to take your date there. But if you want to treat her to better food, cook at home! And if you’re great in the kitchen, what better way to impress your date?

You can also consider making this a shared activity. Just make sure that you’re not trying a new recipe or making something fancy. Simple dishes like eggrolls, pastas or burgers will be fine as they are relatively easy to make.

Watch Movies without Breaking the Bank

Moie at Home - Budget First Date - Art of StyleGoing to the movies means spending on the movie plus munchies! This can translate into an expensive date especially if dinner is also on the cards. So what do you do for your budget first date instead? Invite her to your place and rent a good DVD or two! Have some snacks on hand and settle on the couch for some good entertainment that’s not at all expensive.

Do remember to tidy up your house; you don’t want your date to be turned off by the mess around.

Admire Nature

Couple Outdoors in Nature - Biking - Budget First Date - Art of StyleIf you’re both nature lovers, going on a hike could be the best thing to do on your budget first date. If you love hiking or biking, ask your date if she’d like to try it out. Be ready to try these things yourself if you know that your date is the outdoorsy type.

Pick an easy trail that leads you to a great view. Time it right so you’re there just as the sun is setting. Make sure you’re well aware of the route; you don’t want to lose your way and stumble through the dark.

Picnics are fun too! Just make sure you pack the essentials, and you’re good to go. You can make snacks at home or choose to buy pizza or hot dogs on the way to the park. Go to any free-entry public park that is worth a visit or a park that doesn’t have exorbitant entry fees and you’re sure to have a great time.

Attend Local Festivals

Perhaps there’s a festival or carnival going on in your city or somewhere close by. The entry might be free or affordable, so do think about taking your date there.

Do research well in advance about the festival. You’ll want to know if there will be food and drink stalls in there and how much you might have to shell out for these things. Keep in mind that admission fees to local festivals, flea markets, or antique fairs may be less, but the prices of food and drinks can be very high.

Have some extra cash ready as your date might want to buy something from there as a souvenir.

Tour Galleries and Museums

If you and your date love art or are interested in history, you can consider touring a local art gallery or museum. If there is a well-known gallery or museum near your city, you can drive down there too.

Again, you don’t have to shell out a lot; find out which galleries or museums don’t charge for entry or which ones charge the least amount of money. Note that student art shows are often free and you might also be served refreshments there.

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Cheap doesn’t always have to be bad! With the ideas mentioned here, you now know that there are lots of things you can do to enjoy your budget first date without splurging on it.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t come across as miserly to your date and always remember to dress well. Since you invited her out, you have to ensure that she has a great time. Don’t expect her to pay for things you’ve planned to do together and don’t even think of asking her to pay for the same. If she insists on paying or splitting the bill, refuse politely.

Lastly, try to enjoy yourself without thinking too much and you and your date are sure to have fun!


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