How to Dress for a Job Interview?


We’ve all heard the saying- the first impression is the last impression, but the significance of this is seen most prominently during a job interview. How long do you think it takes an interviewer to decide on hiring you? Definitely does not happen immediately and may even require careful consideration with other candidates. But how long do you think it could take the interviewer to dismiss your candidacy?
As little as a matter of minutes by just not liking the way you present yourself for the job interview!

First impressions matter tremendously in an interview and before you even speak a word, you are judged by the way you present yourself. Thus, create that good first impression by dressing right for your job interview!

Essential Job Interview Items In Your Wardrobe

1) A Well-Fitting White Cotton Shirt

This is an absolute MUST have. You need a smart, professional look for a job interview to let the company know that you are completely serious about this job. With so many variations of white shirts in the market, how do you choose one that is right for you? There are 4 important things to keep in mind- Fabric, Fit, Collar and Cuffs. A 100% cotton shirt will exude high quality and look neat and crisp, unlike shirts from blend fabrics. A better-fitting shirt will show that you care about your presentation and make you look confident as compared to an ill-fitting shirt that comes across as shabby. It will also keep you comfortable irrespective of the climate during the job interview. The collar of your shirt should be chosen to enhance your facial features as we discussed in our previous post. For the cuffs, you can choose a regular one or two buttoned cuff to be safe, or go with a French cuff for a more professional look.

White Shirt With Dark Tie For A Job Interview           French Cuff under a Suit During a Job Interview            Look sharp for your next job interview


Grey 3-Piece Business Suit

2) A Business Suit

This helps to sell your overall presentation during the job interview. Just like the shirt, a suit must be of good quality and fit you well to radiate confidence. Going with a suit that is dark colored like navy, black or grey and single-breasted is a safe option. It is also important that the two pieces of the suit match perfectly. Have the lowest button unbuttoned.

3) An Elegant Tie

A tie is the first thing an interviewer will notice when he sees you, thus picking something that is too flashy is not good. While you can match almost any tie with a white shirt, you should stick to conventional stripes, solids or one with subtle designs like dots. A silk tie or a knit tie can also be used to add some jazz to your attire while still remaining business-like for a job interview.

Diagonally striped tie selection           Polka Dot Slim Ties Selection     Horizontally Striped Tie Collection

A Black, Glossy Finished Leather Belt

4) A Simple Leather Belt

The whole purpose of a belt is to complement your look. If you only own one belt, then it should be a black leather belt with a glossy finish and a simple buckle. It should also match your shoes. Need pointers on selecting your belt? Read our post on how to buy the right man’s belt.


5) Dark Socks & Lace-up Leather Shoes

Complete your formal look. Black or dark grey socks are most appropriate with formal dress pants. These should neither be too thick that they bulge around your shoes nor too low that your skin shows if you cross your legs. Wear them with well-polished black leather lace-up shoes to finish your well-groomed look.

Dark shoes finish the look for a job interview                                  Keep calm and relaxed during a job interview


Couple your sharp dressing with essential grooming like a neat haircut, trimmed fingernails with no dirt underneath and removal of those inconspicuous hairs in your nose and ears for that stellar combination to IMPRESS for that all important job interview!

Key Takeaway about how to dress for a formal job interview

  • A great better-fitting shirt that is comfortable during the interview. Go with 100% cotton shirts
  • Well-tailored business suit. Do not compromise on the suit
  • Stick with conventional stripes, solids and one with subtle designs like dots
  • Keep the belt simple, stupid. No fancy buckles or colors
  • Always match your socks with your pant color
  • Well-polished shoes gives initial impression of your detailed oriented nature
  • Overall, first impressions do matter, so dress right for the interview

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What are you waiting for? Go and NAIL that interview now!


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