8 Style Mistakes Men Should Avoid


Men’s style is no piece of cake. From getting lost in the never ending quest for a perfect fitting shirt, a great shirt and tie combination to finding a hairstyle that will suit the occasion, there are so many variables to lose your sanity to (despite what the women say). However, common style mistakes that men do mentioned in the succeeding paragraphs of this week’s guest post are the ones that no excuse can justify.

Style Mistake 1: Tight Clothes

Style Mistake: Wearing Tight ClothesIt is understandable that you would have certain wobbly bits making appearances at certain places if you are above a certain age or if you like your meals heavy, which is why it is important to get the right fitting clothes. If you treat a new shirt like it is made of lycra, you would end up looking no better than a sausage. It is wise to invest in tailored pieces that treat your assets well and get clothes that are the right fit and style for your body type.

Style Mistake 2: Using Pleather Instead of Leather

Well it’s time you confess that you know the difference but you choose to ignore it because pleather is cheap. Unless you are allergic to real leather or you have certain other compelling circumstances to avoid leather, steer away from pleather which is made from polyurethane. Pleather is best used in pointy shoes and knock off man bags. If they are used anywhere else, they certainly make you a style pariah. How do you tell apart genuine leather from pleather? The simplest ways would be to use your senses – look at the label for starters, smell the leather – genuine leather has a distinct smell and touch the leather – if it’s too smooth and feels like plastic, chances are it is pleather. Remember, always go for quality when making a purchase.

Style Mistake 3: Bunching Trousers Over Your Laces

Letting your un-hemmed trousers slobber over your shoes like molten lava is definitely not a style statement. The hem of the trouser should only touch the top of the shoes and nothing beyond.

Style Mistake: Bunching Pant Legs Over Shoes

Style Mistake 4: Un-Ironed Dress Shirt

Style Mistake: Unironed Dress ShirtIt is a wise idea to get out of the t-shirt spell and put on a shirt with buttons for a dinner party or for a funeral service. This indicates that you mean to show respect. However, your plans bite the dust if your collar undermines the formality you intend. When you pull out a shirt from your wardrobe, iron it out to make it crisp. Try collar stays if you find a curling collar even after ironing.


Style Mistake 5: Frayed Jeans

Style Mistake: Frayed JeansThis one is the most commonly committed style crimes when it comes to jeans. A long and flappy denim trouser with hems under your heels not only make you look antisocial but also ends up in giant patches of space, which look delinquent and ugly.



Style Mistake 6: The Deep V

Style Mistake: Deep V NeckIt is best to let pre pubescent pop stars don those deep v-necks. Unless you have got it waxed, the black bouquet of manhood that it reveals interests very few and instead makes you appear repulsive. Deep v-neck jumpers and blazers are equally hideous and need to be avoided.



Style Mistake 7: Anything Shiny Besides Shoes

Wearing a black patent lace up with a tuxedo? Great. Shiny metal hardware on loafers or on your belt? Absolutely fine. Any glitter beyond this: unacceptable. In fact – criminal (unless it’s a 70s disco theme party).

Style Mistake: Shiny Shirts and Suits

Style Mistake: Wearing Sporting Kit in PublicStyle Mistake 8: Sporting Kits in Public

Wearing track suits, tight lycra pants or t-shirts are a strict no in social gatherings. They may look good and are appropriate during sporting activities such as biking, running or in the gym but definitely not in public for an evening out with friends or for dinner. Take some time, shop online and invest in a few dress shirts.


These are some of the most common style mistakes that men do. Watch out for these next time you dress up for an event or social outing. Are there any other style mistakes that you try to avoid? Let us know in the discussion below!


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