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I just returned from an extremely hot summer in Europe and when it came to fashion amongst men – the prevalent piece of clothing in the day time was shorts. You may find yourself uncomfortable when it comes to wearing them, which is why we’ve put together this simple guide for you to follow when it comes to donning shorts.

Do Not Wear Shorts If Unsure That They Are Appropriate for the Occasion

When To Wear Shorts

If you are in any doubt as to whether they would be appropriate attire for an outing, it is a safe rule of thumb to NOT wear them. Shorts should be a no-brainer when heading to the beach or for any athletic outing. If you are heading for informal gatherings, then wearing shorts in hot weather is deemed acceptable. However, for a business meeting or even slightly formal occasions, they should normally be avoided. It goes without saying that wearing shorts to work is inappropriate (unless your office has other rules).


What Length For Shorts

Short Lengths by Style Girlfriend

This is a tricky one. There are plenty of websites that advocate a rule that shorts should be no shorter than 2-3 inches above your knees and no longer than an inch below your knees. There is no need to follow this rule for sports, where high-cut shorts are the norm (except basketball) or at the beach – but we tend to agree with this rule on other occasions. However, as StyleGirlfriend succinctly states – feel free to flaunt it if you have it – so if you have well-toned quadricep muscles (the muscles right above your knees), don’t be shy and hide them. Or if you have skinny legs, shorter shorts with a better fit would make them look less skinny.


Fit & Style For Your Shorts

Vibrant Green Shorts That Fit WellAlways go for a slim fit pair of shorts as baggy shorts tend to make your legs look smaller and gives you a bulkier silhouette from your legs up – definitely not the look you want. Go for a close fit from hip to hem for your shorts.

Patterned Shorts for MenWhen it comes to style, we feel that patterns and prints are a good way to go. Remember to pair patterned shorts with solid and subtle tops to complement your shorts and not get too loud. Another style to go for would be vibrant or pastel colors or any colors that suit your skin tone. Pair your shorts with a well-fitted button down or a polo tee to complete a preppy look.

When it comes to material, stay away from jeans during the summer – they tend to be a lot thicker and end up making you feel hotter and also look bulkier. Also, cargo pants tend to put the impression of a man-child in most people’s minds so stay away from those. Stick to twill or chambray.


So there you have it – a quick and simple guide to selecting shorts for the summer.


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