Choosing A Shirt For Different Seasons


A perk of men’s fashion is the variety of shirts available. As a variable part of a man’s apparel that draws attention, shirts make dressing up fun. One thing you may not have realized is that there may be differences in choice of shirts based on fabric, style and environment for the varying seasons in a year.


Spring & Summer

Fabrics like cotton, tropical wool and linen are most commonly used for spring collections, as these tend to absorb sweat and allow better airflow in the clothes for a fresher feeling on hot days.

Fall & Winter

Obviously the fabrics during these seasons will be thicker to block the air from the clothes and maintain a warmer temperature. Wool, leather, tweed and different types of knits that beat cold and hard winds are most commonly found in use for winter collections.

Cotton – The Fabric for All Seasons

Fabric for Shirts Made From Cotton
Cotton can be made into thin shirts that work great for warmer weather, but it can also be great for colder weather as it can be made into thick sweaters or jackets. Shirts consisting of some mix of polyester and cotton, or of polyester completely, are great for colder weather because they tend to keep people warm due to the nature of the material.

Styles & Environment

Another factor besides the fabric for determining your seasonal choice is the style of the shirt.

Spring & Summer

T-shirts are well suited for the warmer weather of the spring and summer, when individuals may want to wear something that is light and doesn’t cover all of the entire upper body. T-shirts are also great for the spring and summer because may want to spend a lot more time outdoors and be more casual during great weather.

Fall & Winter

Full-sleeved, collared shirts and even turtlenecks are more suitable during winter. Not only do they help keep men warm by covering the entire upper body, but they also add an element of sophistication to a man’s outfit.

Summer Shirts - Fall Fashion

Shirts at Work

Despite the range that men have to choose from with respect to styles and designs of shirts, collared, full-sleeve shirts go well year round, especially when it comes to the work environment. Shirts made of 100% Egyptian Cotton – like those at Hucklebury – can be used for all occasions, formal or casual, and in all seasons. Simply rolling up the sleeves on shirts can portray a more casual, relaxed and stress-free look.

Key Takeaway about choosing a shirt for a particular season

  • Selection criteria is based on fabric, style & environment.
  • Select lighter, more breathable fabrics during summer and thicker, air-trapping fabrics for winter.
  • For year round fashion, invest in a few shirts made of cotton.


When deciding what to wear during a specific period of the year, you should consider the look you’re trying to convey as well as the required protection from the elements – with cotton shirts being a great addition to the wardrobe for year round fashion.


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