Bowtie – A Fashion Accessory To Consider?


Bowties are much more fashionable these days than they once were. Hip cultural icons like movie stars, athletes and rock stars are sporting them, and it is no longer an instant sign of being a nerd to sport one. However, just because they are more fashionable doesn’t make them ordinary. Wearing one is still something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Keep reading to learn more about this fabulous fashion statement.

Cravats Were the Early BowtiesHistory

They were developed from Croatian mercenaries fighting in the Prussian Wars of the 17th century. They used a cravat to hold the front opening of their military dress shirts closed during combat. The cravats were soon adopted by the fashionable nobility in France. These cravats eventually evolved into both bowties and the more common neckties that men wear today.


Why Wear A Bowtie

You can wear one to many different occasions. Weddings are the most popular occasion for you to wear one. In fact, any black-tie affair is a common occasion to wear one with a dress shirt. However, they can also be worn in less formal settings.

carlton-wade-in-a-bowtie-NBA-courtsideFor men of style, they can be worn to any occasion. Whether you are sitting courtside at a NBA game or attending a ball, you will look great when you pair a striking bowtie with your dress shirt. The key to wearing one is to wear it with complete confidence. No matter what situation you wear it in, it will look great if you are confident that you look great in it.

One of the most compelling reasons to wear one is to stand out. When you wear a bowtie with your dress shirt, you are making a bold fashion statement to the world. When you tie that bow on, you are telling people that you are a man of style and daring. You are not afraid to be different, and your confidence is something to be noticed.

Bowtie Styles

There are three main types of bowties. There is the clip-on model, the pre-tied model and the traditional model. Forget about the first two. They are for children. When you learn how to tie your own bowtie, you will delight in the chance to wear it.


Traditional Bowtie

It is not a look for the timid. If you want to wear one of these iconic fashion statements, you must be a man of conviction. You should try sporting one next time you are looking for a bold look.


Edit: Want to read further? A reader sent me this excellent post on Bow Ties 101.


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